Every individual is different. While some may see results in little as 7 days others may take up to 30 days. We strongly advise you to use the products consistently for 30 days. Use the product according to the instructions on the bottle.

Our products have been tested on all hair types and will work well with whatever texture you may have.

Yes this is 100% a black owned company.

We cannot make changes to orders after they have been placed. Orders automatically transmit to our warehouse. If you have to cancel, please email us and we will attempt to cancel the order prior to shipping and process a refund. Orders may not be cancelled after they have been shipped.

After your order has been shipped, it can take 1-5 business days to receive items.

We have had customers to use our products and see results on children as young as 8 months. Our products are made with 100% all natural ingredients and is safe for all to use.