E'Sensual Beauty is a natural hair care product line geared towards the growth, care and maintenance of natural (chemical-free) hair. Established in 2018, E'Sensual Beauty's start was an unintentional success.  Creator Latrice Rogers eagerly began a quest for a new hair care regimen after realizing that her own hair had reached a disheartening plateau. She experienced no luster, no growth, no improvement. With an understanding that stimulating the senses promotes not only physical but chemical synergy and balance in the body, Latrice decided to merge the two by finding products that would effectively cultivate her hair care goals.

After years of research, trial and error, Latrice decided to put her newfound interest (and products) to the test and personally share them with stylists and cosmetologists across the country. It was then that E'Sensual Beauty was born! Professional performance with holistic and sensual elements, E'Sensual answered the prayer of many natural hair care enthusiasts, and bridged the gap between healthy natural hair and luxury product appeal.

E'Sensual's proudcts are designed to heighten the luster and manageability of hair and please the senses. Sulfate free. Supple. Fragrant. E’Sensual features biotin, pure honey and rose —100% natural ingredients that will create the most luxurious and manageable hair you will ever experience.

Behold the difference in natural hair care...

Be you. Be fierce. Be E’Sensual.